No 28 Autumn 2014

 The beautiful gold Saxon Ring recently acquired by Saffron Walden Museum, found in the fields of NW Essex, is featured with a splendid colour photograph on the front cover of the autumn edition of the Saffron Walden Historical Journal, No 28.SWHJ no 28 - FRONT COVER
Another specially-commissioned article is by Christopher South, the BBC Radio Cambridgeshire broadcaster, recalling his memories of 1950s Walden. Christopher was a junior reporter on the Saffron Walden Weekly News at that time and writes fondly, and often hilariously, of the personalities he encountered and the atmosphere of the town half a century ago.
Another article that will bring back fond memories is Geoffrey Ball’s research on the story of Blyth & Pawsey, the firm of agricultural engineers who once were a big employer in the town.
The recent closure of the Methodist Church in Castle Street, has prompted a look at the history of this church which now no longer has any chapels left in NW Essex, its members having joined other churches.
Littlebury author Lizzie Sanders contributes the last of her articles on the hamlets of Audley End, using little-known old maps to recreate the history of North End, just outside the town but once within its boundaries.
The journal has more than a dozen articles altogether including a medieval, 18th century, Victorian and 20th century Walden, including a run-down on WW1 events and new books on this subject.
The journal, which appears twice a year published by the Saffron Walden Historical Society is on sale for £3 at the TIC, Waitrose, Lankester Antiques and other outlets. 
Journal contents No 28
The North-West Essex Ring: kingdoms, Christianity and culture in the early 7th century AD by Carolyn Wingfield                                       1
Samuel Pepys and Saffron Walden by Jeremy Collingwood                                   5
Chepyng Walden 1438-1490  by Liz Allan                                                       
Saffron Walden Charter Weekend                   7
Blyth & Pawsey, Agricultural Engineers of Saffron Walden by Geoffrey Ball                                                           
WW1 Centenary Events                                           12
A Right Little, Tight Little Treasure of a Town by Christopher South                                      
No 3 West Road,  Saffron Walden by Zofia Everett                                              
History of North End by Lizzie Sanders                                                                             
Head Woodman on the Audley End Estate by Hugh Kidd                                                   
John Farmer, Quaker of Saffron Walden and his Travels in America 1711-1714 by Allyson Lewis                                               
Methodism in North-west Essex 1821-2014 by Jacqueline Cooper                                     
New Publications on WW1                 

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