Past lectures

SWHS Programme of Past Lectures 2001-2017


  • January – ‘The Georgian House in Saffron Walden’ by Alex Reeve
  • February – ‘The Cambridge Leper Chapel’ by Philip Robson
  • March – ‘ Tudor Cambridge’ by Honor Ridout
  • April – ‘The Suffragettes by Mary Dicken
  • September – ‘A wander round Pompeii’ by Richard Priestley
  • October – ‘Saffron Walden – Gawd ‘elp yer’ by Mike Hibbs
  • November – ‘The history of Abbey Lane Chapel’ by Stephen Rapkin


  • January – ‘A view of Lancelot Capability Brown at Audley End’ by Lizzie Sanders
  • February – ‘The history of the gardens at Wimpole Hall’ by Alison Moller
  • March – ‘200 years of local countryside history’ by Ashley Cooper
  • April – ‘The Stort Story: the history of the Stort Navigation’ by Richard Thomas
  • September – ‘Living in Saffron Walden in the 18th Century’ (Pt 1) by Hilary Walker
  • October – ‘The Battle of the Somme’
  • November -‘ Interpreting Ely Cathedral’ by Lynne Broughton


  • January – ‘A study of carpenters’ marks in timber-framed buildings’ by Bill Hardy
  • February – ‘Newport: a great and poor town’ by Anthony Tuck
  • March – ‘The changing face of Ordnance Survey One inch maps of Essex’ by Peter Walker
  • April – ‘Rural royalty: words and music about Tudor royalty and nobility in East Anglia’ by Ancestral Voices
  • September – ‘Runnymede and Magna Carta’ by Ben Cowell
  • October – ‘Maps of Essex’ by Peter Walker
  • November – ‘Over the hills and far away: correspondence from soldiers during the Napoleonic Wars, including Waterloo’ by Alan Moorcroft


  • January – ‘Saffron Walden History Online: our new website’ by Rosemarie Gant
  • February – ‘The Sturbridge Fair’ by Honor Ridout
  • March – ‘Tilty Abbey’ by Rachel Clarke
  • April – ‘Hunting Griffins in Essex: the search for a lost Second World War bomber’ by Julian Evan-Hart
  • September – ‘Essex Farm: never forgotten’ by Andrew Summers
  • October – ‘Diverse relationships with Audley End: Littlebury beyond the pale’ by Lizzie Sanders
  • November – ‘Anglo Saxon Life’ by Pete Jennings


  • January – ‘The History of the Manor and Parish of Strethall’ by David Melford
  • February – ‘Great Dunmow and the English Reformation’ by Kate Dumcyz
  • March – ‘The Saffron Walden Turf Maze: history and context’ by Jeff Saward
  • April – Mike Petty – ‘Withers, the life and times of the hedgeside poet’.
  • September – ‘World War II Defences in Essex’ by Fred Nash
  • October – ‘From Charters to Uttlesford: the rise and governance in Saffron Walden’ by Malcolm White
  • November  – ‘An Edwardian Family: a social history in postcards’ by Jane Laing


  • January – ‘An Essex Girl in America: the life and times of Anne Pollard of Saffron Walden (1621-1725) by Anthony Tuck
  • February – ‘The Place Names of Saffron Walden’ by Malcolm White
  • March – ‘Sir Thomas Smith: scholar, statesman and son of Saffron Walden’ by Jeremy Collingwood
  • April – ‘The Development of Seaside Resorts since 1750’ by Tony Kirby
  • September – ‘The Peasants Revolt in Essex in 1381’ by Herbert Eiden
  • October – ‘The Countess of Portsmouth, Saviour of Audley End’ by Sarah Kirkpatrick
  • November – ‘The Spy who Loved; the secrets and loves of Christine Granville, Britain’s first female secret agent of WWII’ by Clare Mulley


  • January – ‘Stansted that unfortunate village: the great scandal of 1822’ by Peter Sanders
  • February – ‘Cambridge: Treasure Island in the Fens’ by Nicholas Crimes
  • March – ‘Charles II and the Rye House Plot’ by Russell Marti
  • April – ‘Life in a Noble Household in the 14th Century: Elizabeth de Burgh, Lady of Clare’ by Jennifer Ward
  • September – ‘The History & Mystery of Cressing Temple’ by Barry Hillman-Crouch
  • October  – ‘The Town of Walden in the Middle Ages: people work and leisure’ by Liz Allan
  • November – ‘Stand and Deliver: highwaymen in history’ by Jef Page


  • January – ‘The Collection of William Fuller Maitland of Stansted Hall’ by Roger Barrett
  • February – ‘Going to the Poll in Essex in 1763’ by Gillian Williamson
  • March – ‘The Process of Enclosure in South Cambridgeshire’ by Shirley Wittering
  • April – ‘Epping Forest through the Ages’ by Georgina Green
  • September – ‘Wandlebury Country Park: the history and management’ by Jon Gibbs
  • October – ‘The Literary Quarrels of Gabriel Harvey’ by Martyn Everett
  • November – ‘The Records of Saffron Walden Town Council’ by Allyson Lewis


  • January – ‘The Clergy of the Church of England Database 1540-1835’ by Arthur Burns
  • February – ‘Saffron Walden and the First World War’ by James Griffin
  • March – ‘The Early Allotment Movement in Saffron Walden & Cambridgeshire’ by Jacqueline Cooper
  • April – ‘Revolt and Revolution in the Essex Countryside’ by William Tyler
  • September – ‘Eglantyne Jebb, founder of the Save the Children Movement’ by Claire Mulley
  • October – ‘Fighting for Old Buildings: the SPAB explained’ by Douglas Kent
  • November – ‘800 Years of Cambridge University’ by Honor Ridout


  • January – ‘Changes in the High Street, Saffron Walden’ by Dick Jemmett
  • February – ‘The Life and Times of George Stacey Gibson’ by Jeremy Collingwood
  • March – ‘Excavations in Medieval Cambridge’ by Alison Dickens
  • April – ‘Researching 17th Century Suffolk Aristocrats’ by Lyn Boothman
  • September – ‘Time Team: the lost centuries of St Osyth revealed’ by Chris Thornton
  • October – History Day School: ‘Understanding Timber Framed Buildings’
  • October – ‘Medieval Documents in the Essex Record Office’ by Katharine Schofield
  • November – ‘The History of Duxford’ by Mike Nicholas


  • January – ‘18th Century Walden’ by Hilary Walker
  • February – ‘The Claverings of Essex & Northumberland’ by Antony Tuck
  • March – ‘Tudor Royalty in Essex’ by Peter Lawrence
  • April – ‘The Victorian Market Town’ by Tony Kirby
  • September – ‘The Role of Women in the Middle Ages’ by Mary Dicken
  • October – ‘Essex on the Map before the Ordnance Survey’ by Peter Walker
  • November – ‘The History of Bridge End Garden’ by John Bosworth


  • January – ‘Protestant Martyrs in Essex during the Reign of Mary I’ by Jeremy Collingwood
  • February – ‘The Littlebury Community History Project’ by Lizzie Sanders & Gillian Williamson
  • March – ‘The Harveys of Rolls Park, Chigwell’ by Richard Morris
  • April – ‘Timber-framed Buildings of Essex’ by Leigh Alston
  • September – ‘Heritage Sampford: pioneering archaeology’ by Kenneth Neale
  • October – ‘The Archaeology of Medieval Essex’ by Maria Medlycott
  • November – ‘The History of Addenbrooke’s Hospital’ by Hilary Ritchie


  • January – ‘Some Historical Landscapes in NW Essex’ by John Hunter
  • February – ‘Pickwick’s Cambridge Scrapbook 1838’ by Mike Petty
  • March – ‘The Normans in Essex’ by Jennifer Ward
  • April – ‘The Paxmans: a Victorian Epic’ by Andrew Phillips
  • September – ‘The Gunpowder Mills at Waltham Abbey’ by Peter Adams
  • October – ‘The Story of Bishop’s Stortford ‘by Jacqueline Cooper
  • November – ‘Sir William Waad, Lieutenant of the Tower, and the Gunpowder Plot’ by Fiona Bengtsen


  • January – ‘Buildings of Saffron Walden’ by Martyn Everett
  • February – ‘Audley End Kitchen Garden’ by Mike Thurlow
  • March – ‘Murder in Victorian Essex’ by Fred Feather
  • April – ‘The New Poor Law’ by Kate Thompson
  • September – ‘Excavations at Beeleigh Abbey, Maldon’ by Derek Punchard
  • October – ‘The English Civil War and West Essex’ by Stan Newens
  • November – ‘The Wartime History of Audley End House’ by Ian Valentine


  • January – ‘The Vikings in NW Essex’ by Carolyn Wingfield
  • February – ‘Bletchley Park and ENIGMA’ by Mr. A. Stripp
  • March – ‘Humphrey Repton in Woodford & District’ by Georgina Green
  • April – ‘Country/Town Breweries’ by Mr. A. Skipper
  • September – ‘Witch Persecution in Early Modern Europe’ by Jonathan Durrant
  • October – ‘The Burial Registers of Saffron Walden Parish Church’ by John Read
  • November – ‘Diplomats and Diplomacy’ by Robin O’Neill


  • January – ‘The Domesday Book’ by Janet Cooper
  • February – ‘The Killer in the Drains’ by Dr M. Leach
  • March – ‘The History of the Royal Mail’ by Bill Wittering
  • April – ‘Terror in the Night – the 1953 Essex Floods’ by Michael Holland
  • September – ‘Taming the Fens’ by Mike Petty
  • October – ‘The Essex Cloth Industry’ by Jennifer Ward
  • November – ‘Enjoying Local History’ by Ken Neale


  • January – ‘Darling Daisy, Countess of Warwick’ by Rosanne Kirkpatrick
  • February – ‘Medieval Town Life in the Eastern Counties’ by Jennifer Ward
  • March – ‘The Saffron Walden Branch Railway’ by Peter Paye
  • April – ‘The Long-Case Clock: England and beyond’ by Viscount Midleton
  • September – ‘The History of Coinage to c.1900’ by R.I. Thomas
  • October – ‘Scenes of Old Walden’ by Bruce Munro
  • November – ‘The Buxtons – an old English Family’ by Georgina Green

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