Index of Titles

Saffron Walden History 1972-1991

Saffron Walden Historical Journal 2001-2021 (continuing)

index of titles from journals

The illustration shows the bound volumes of Saffron Walden History published from May 1972 to 1991 by the Saffron Walden Historical Society. It was the brainchild of John Gerard O’Leary, FSA, its first editor. Saffron Walden History had a more limited local circulation but was very successful, usually with two issues each year. John O’Leary’s editorials were particularly lively and pertinent. After about 20 issues, Neville Price took over as editor, with Miss Musto organising duplicating and Richard Jemmett assisting with production.

Following Neville’s retirement, no new editor could be found and the autumn issue of 1991 was the last for the Old Series journal for ten years until it was revived under the New Series title Saffron Walden Historical Journal in 2001. But the back issues of its predecessor, which can be read in bound volumes at the Gibson Library, remain today a superb source for local historians. The SWHJ New Series has been edited since its early days by Jacqueline Cooper, with assistance from Martyn Everett, Martin Rose and other members of the SWHS committee.

An index of titles for all 40 issues of Saffron Walden History published between 1972 and 1991, and issues 1-43 of the Saffron Walden Historical Journal published from 2001 to 2021, has been compiled by Gibson Library volunteers, mainly Jessica Hudson and Gillian Brooker. We thank them for their work, and the Trustees of the Gibson Library for permission to reproduce it on this website. Further updates to the index will be added at intervals.

Saffron Walden History & Saffron Walden Historical Journal INDEX (Update 2021)

The Index is in library format, providing Author, Title, Pagination and Subject under up to four headings. Pages 1-28 cover the Old Series Journal from 1972-1991. Pages 29-70 cover articles up to issue number 42 of the New Series Journal from 2001 to Autumn 2021). Further index entries will be added in due course.

Articles in the Old Series journals can only be read in archive copies at The Gibson Library, Saffron Walden – the Society also has a complete collection. However, selected articles from out-of-print issues of the New Series, re-titled Saffron Walden Historical Journal, can be found on this website. These articles appear by kind permission of the authors and editor, and remain copyright of the author and the Journal. Please note that in many cases, images have been removed from the online articles. A limited number of back issues are available for sale on request.

PLEASE NOTE: Copies may be made for research purposes only, but the index is the intellectual property of The Gibson Library, and permission must be sought to reprint all or part in any other publication or media.


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