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4 thoughts on “Join the Society

  1. Maggie

    Hello i hope you can help me i am trying to find a burial of florence monk who died in the hospital side of the saffron Walden poor house she was not a resident but her family didn’t take the body home to Clavering as far as i can see to bury her but i can find no information as to her burial or others who were buried or paupers graves .I hope you can direct me on this please Maggie

  2. saffronwaldenhistoricalsociety Post author

    What date was this? If you mean the Saffron Walden Union Workhouse, that is next to Radwinter Road Hospital, so assume you mean the hospital not the workhouse. If it was after 1857 it could be in the Radwinter Road cemetery which is just opposite. If you look at this website under Resources, there is a database of the burials at the cemetery, see if you can find it there. There may no longer be a headstone though, it just directs you to the area of the cemetery where burials took place. Presumably you have not found her in the Clavering burial registe


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