SWHS Lectures 2021-22

Society  lectures at Friends’ Meeting House or online via ZOOM, 7.45 pm:

Wednesday, 22nd September: ‘The Young Charles Darwin in Cambridge’
Murray Jacobs (Meeting House)

The Battle of Britain (Meeting House) Neil Wiffen

Wednesday, 24th November: ‘Aspects of Walden’s Medieval Ritual Landscape’
Simon Coxall (Meeting House)

Wednesday, 15th December: ‘Misdemeanours and Misdoings: the Victorian Servant
Problem’ Dr Judith Hill (On ZOOM)

Wednesday, 26th January: ‘In Search of Boudicca’
Natasha Harlow (On ZOOM)

Wednesday, 23rd February: ‘Chimneys, Hearths and Fireplaces’: Aspects of
domestic architecture in timber-framed buildings.
Anne Padfield (On ZOOM)

Wednesday, 23rd March: The History of Textiles in East Anglia
John Miners (Meeting House)

Wednesday, 27th April: The New River Company and London’s Water Supply
Nick Higham (Meeting House)

Wednesday, 25th May AGM a short talk to be arranged
(Meeting House)

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