Book on late medieval Walden published by the Society

Elizabeth Allen with Chepyng Walden bookIn June 2015, the Saffron Walden Historical Society, under its imprint SWHS Publications, was proud to bring into publication a new book by Elizabeth Allan, Chepyng Walden. The photograph shows the author at the launch of her book, a landmark volume offering a unique and detailed portrait of Saffron Walden in the 15th century, a time when it was still known as Chepyng (or Market) Walden.  The author vividly brings to life the town as it grew and changed almost six centuries ago, leaving a legacy we still enjoy today: this was the dynamic period when  the magnificent church was being built, there was a rich cultural life, sophisticated trading patterns and saffron was becoming an important crop. A remarkable and scholarly book, fully illustrated with maps, charts and photographs, it has rapidly become a classic reference for everyone with an interest in the history of medieval life in the finest market town in Essex.Chepyng Walden book cover

Edited by Jacqueline Cooper. Design by Nick Crawley. Fully illustrated in colour.  

 Chepyng Walden – A Late Medieval Small Town: Saffron Walden 1438-1490

by Elizabeth Allan


On sale from Saffron Walden Tourist Information Centre & Harts Books. The TIC can advise postal charges. Email: 

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