Spring 2006

No-11No 11: Spring 2006

  • Reflections on Journals Old and New
  • Catuvellaunian and Roman discoveries from a field walk in Littlebury Parish  –  Lizzie Sanders
  • Churches of N.W. Essex  –  Rosanne Kirkpatrick
  • Clavering Castle Geophysics
  • Audley End Engravings
  • Wimbish & Thunderley: the development of settlement in a boulder clay landscape (Pt 2)  –  John Hunter
  • The 17th Century Copper Tokens of Saffron Walden  –  Tony Fox
  • Country Notes (No 3)  –  Peter Dawson
  • A Miller’s Tale  –  Barry & Maureen Nesbitt
  • Archives of Saffron Walden: letters
  • Saffron Walden Museum’s Elephant, 1834-1960  –  Len Pole
  • Saint Blaise  –  Roy Helmore
  • ERO Archive Access 10th anniversary

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