Autumn 2011

No-22No 22: Autumn 2011

  • The Demolition Line: WW2 Defences Littlebury Bridge to Shortgrove  Bridge – Michael Barton
  • The Bridges of the Cam
  • Professor Steve Osbourne – renowned diver and swimmer: Dave Twitchett
  • The Crawley Agrimotor of Saffron Walden – Geoffrey Ball
  • Mission Continued 1711–2011 – John Maddams
  • Hunting for the Bones of Abraham Green – David Melford
  • Obituary: James Griffin 1938-2011

2 thoughts on “Autumn 2011

  1. Hans Lipp

    Dear Sirs, since a couple of years, I collect the main tecnical dates, the time of production and the number produced of every motor-driven vehicle before 1945. You will find this collection when you look at the website, I found the title of an essay (or performance?) by Geoffry Ball: “The Crawley Agrimotor of Safton Walden”. All sources tell that at first 3 examples of this motorized plough were built by Garrett, but later (from when to when?) there was an own production by Crawley. During production – was there only one type biult? Or several types? How many were built? If you could answer my questions I would be quiete happy. I also would be willing to buy your journal if my questions might be answered in the essay, but the acquisition of books from England is a very difficult thing in Germany. So, I would be very glad if Mr.Ball could tell me a short answer. Yours sincerely, and best wishes for a happy new year from Germany Hans Lipp

    1. saffronwaldenhistoricalsociety Post author

      Dear Hans
      Many thanks for your enquiry – the author, Geoffrey Ball sends the following information which I hope you will find helpful to your research:

      I have now had a look at my Agrimotor article and most of Hans Lipp’s queries can be answered. Garrett’s of Leiston who made the first Agrimotors for Crawley Bros. handed over production in 1914. Crawley Bros opened Tower Works for future production at that time. Tower Works Saffron Walden were situated in Debden Rd. opposite the water tower. Production continued there until 1924 after which all manufacture of the Agrimotor ceased. Approximately 500 were built but there are no records to sustain the accuracy of this figure. Only one type was made which could be converted into a tractor after the purchase of additional equipment. There was a conventional three furrow plough fitted and as an alternative a reversible two furrow plough could be supplied.


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