Autumn 2004

No-8No 8: Autumn 2004

  • Lieutenant of the Tower of London, Sir William Waad of Battles Hall, Manuden  –  Fiona Bengtsen
  • Uttlesford Local History Recorders
  • The Dissenters’ Burial Ground at Wimbish  –  Lucie Nottingham
  • Closure of Langley Methodist Church  –  Jacqueline Cooper
  • The Floor Maltings Industry of NW Essex and East Hertfordshire up to c.1914 (Pt 2)  –  Geoffrey Ball
  • The House that Mr Robinson built  –  Zofia Everett
  • ‘Press we to the field’  –  Robert Pike
  • Holed Stones and Sharp iron: Equine folklore at Wicken Bonhunt  –  Bari Hooper
  • The Town Library (Pt 2)  –  John Shaw-Ridler

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